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Post Abortion Community Services offers a comprehensive education and training program. Our three-day course will provide you with the skills you need to help restore those affected by abortion. In our small, intimate classes, you will receive the wisdom and insight of educators with years of experience in the field. You will learn to identify and counsel a person with Post Abortion Stress and lead post abortion healing groups from a Christian perspective. And finally, we will teach you how to establish an effective post abortion recovery program for your counselling agency or church.

This program is designed for:

  • Those wishing to start a post abortion lay counsellor program in their agency or church
  • Those already involved in post abortion services
  • Pregnancy peer-counsellors who see post abortion clients during routine pregnancy tests
  • Professional counsellors and therapists
  • Health care professionals
  • School nurses and counsellors
  • Pastors and priests
  • Any individual who encounters women and men experiencing distress following an abortion
  • Anyone who wishes to volunteer with Post Abortion Community Services

An overview of what the program includes:

  • Personal Preparation
  • Development of Post Abortion Stress
  • History and Research
  • The Grieving Process and Post Abortion Stress
  • Essential Tasks of Healing
  • A Biblical Healing Model
  • Establishing a Post Abortion Program
  • Initial Contact with the post abortion woman or man
  • Running the Group: Role Plays and Group Simulations
  • The Care Plan
  • The Memorial

If you are interested in attending or organizing a training program, contact us for more information.

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