Abortion may have affected You
in ways you had not anticipated.

Men and Abortion

Men do suffer after abortion.  Available studies indicate that the emotional impact of abortion on men may include depression, guilt, shame and aggressive behaviour.  Some men also demonstrate self-destructive behaviour such as abusing alcohol, drugs and sex.  A large percentage of unmarried relationships dissolve following an abortion.

Men (as well as women) can experience Post Abortion Stress regardless of the level of involvement in the abortion decision.  The role he played could be any of the following:

  • He insisted or forced his wife or girlfriend to have an abortion.
  • He didn’t want the abortion to take place and tried to actively stop it.
  • He found out about the abortion after it was completed and had no voice in the decision.
  • He intentionally left the decision whether to abort with his wife or girlfriend. “I will support you no matter what decision you make.”
  • He played a role in the abortion decision making process concerning a woman not his partner (sister, friend, daughter).
  • He abandoned the relationship with his partner on finding out she was pregnant, leaving her completely unsupported.

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Men do suffer after abortion. If you are struggling with a past abortion decision, help is available.

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