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About Us

Post Abortion Community Services

We offer compassionate help to women and men experiencing emotional pain from a past abortion. In addition, we equip and train professional and lay counsellors in the field of post abortion recovery.

We are an outreach of the Christian Advocacy Society of Greater Vancouver, a non-profit agency providing support to women experiencing unplanned pregnancies, post abortion grief, domestic violence, and sexual assault.

CAS outreaches include the Burnaby Safe HouseOnlineCare CanadaCrisis Pregnancy Centres of Vancouver and Burnaby, Post Abortion Community Services and Rape Victims Support Network.

In our 30 years of community service, we have assisted over 20,000 women. All peer counselling services are free and confidential.



PACS Program Director
Doreen Yung

PACS Client Services Coordinator
Julie Innes

CAS Executive Director
Norma Cody

CAS Administrative Assistant
Anastacia Kusi-Yeboah

Board of Directors

David Bornman
Dr. Sherry Chan
Dr. Margaret Cottle
Barbara Schmidt
Bill Schulz

Board of Reference

Rev. Art Birch, Pastor
Dr. Dauna Cutforth, Physician
Dr. Edward Dubland, Physician
Dr. Patrick Ducklow, Psychologist
Mark DuMerton, Entrepreneur
Dr. John McLeod, Physician
Nancy Michel, Psychologist
Most Rev. J. Michael Miller, Archbishop
Rev. Murray Moerman, Pastor
Peter Mogan, Lawyer
Brian Norton, Pastoral Counsellor
Dr. David Wood, Pastor
Dr. Joan Schultz, Psychologist
Dr. Landa Terblanche, Nursing Professor
Peter Vaughan, Family Therapist